My awesome fiverr gig



The images that you’re using for your Mug Mockup gig are copyrighted, and taken from another site. It’s very easy to find using a quick Google Image Search.

Your profile photo is a stock image, and still has the ‘Shutterstock’ watermark on it.

You really need to try harder if you want to make a success of your time here on Fiverr.


OK I remove it




Your profile photo still has the “” name on it. If you are using that without being authorized to it might get you in trouble. It also might be against the Fiverr terms of service.


This is all very true.

On top of this, it makes me suspicious. You’ve chosen not to use a real image of you… But why? Most people will assume it’s because you’ve got something to hide. That means I couldn’t trust you, and there’s no way I would spend money with someone I don’t trust online. Ditch the stock image completely, and replace it with an honest, professional image of yourself.

Also, you’re still using stock/copyright imagery in your wedding invitation gig. And I hate to be blunt, but the quality of the stock imagery is noticeably better than your business card or logo gigs (where I do believe you’re using your own work).

It’s up to you how you choose to operate on Fiverr. But you’re in one of the toughest markets as far as competition. There are some AMAZING graphic designers on Fiverr. Ask yourself; Are your skills where they need to be right now? Because if not, you simply won’t get the kind of sales you need here on Fiverr. Worse still, you’re more likely to get negative reviews from angry customers, which will pretty much ruin your chances here.

Maybe you should think about offering a service that you’re truly great at? Or if you really want to be a graphic designer, invest some time in really learning the craft.


Hello be patience. Thank you.