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My bad experience with [fragglesrock]


I contacted them about a month and a half ago to see if they’d custom create a music video for a 4 min song of mine. They agreed and even sounded excited for the project especially since I offered to negotiate any additional gigs they felt would be sufficient for the transaction. I was most polite and courteous in my correspondence. They then sent me a message saying they were knocking around ideas and would get back with me as soon as they had a solid plan. It’s been about 4 weeks now and I’ve made inquires 3 separate times now with no response about a week from one another. Although no gigs were ever purchased (therefore no actual transaction transpired, thankfully), they’ve clearly abandoned our verbal agreement. Very disappointing especially since I already started letting fans know it was in the works… Tread carefully when contacting/doing business with these fellows, if you even decide to.

Sheriff’s note: Sorry, you can’t call out sellers on the forum. You can warn buyers about your experience generally but any complaints about specific people need to be directed to customer support or the seller in question


hey @jackalacka, pm me with a brief and I’d be more than happy to discuss your video needs!



Yeah they’re still working. And I suspect it was the latter because as I mentioned I attempted to contact them several times and we did have an arrangement that was discussed over a series of messages back and forth. I was thinking the same thing about ordering with the understanding that they may add additional gigs for any “overages”, but I didn’t because I wanted to be sure they would be able to do what I wanted for the gig. Anyway, tread carefully…