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My Bad experience

Omg damn, this buyer is soo rude.
So this buyer wants to design a collection for his brand and I sent an offer to him. He asked me I can design it right I said yes… so I do tech packs illustration and designing. So he placed an offer and but he seems confused so I told him that I’ll design your t-shirt in vector form like a tech pack. I think he didn’t understand it and asked me to cancel his order
So I did as he said. I did cancel his order 2times in a row and he declines my request and blaming me that I’m not cancelling. I think he’s new here and doesn’t know what to do and also I think he doesn’t speak eng and that’s okay coz I’m also not really fluent so I tried my best to communicate with this person. But after 2 times I wasn’t able to cancel the order so I contacted Fiverr community service and I asked him to wait till they respond. And he started blaming on me that he wasted his time and money on me and he was rude from the start. And I told him that they’ll take 24hrs to respond and I asked him to you should contact to them for a better chance. Then he started telling me that he wasted on people and I’m not cancelling his order. First of all, I cancelled his order right away when he asked and I told him you are being rude to me and I said I’m sorry that you lost your money but don’t worry they’ll cancel your order. I was being nice to him because I felt bad for him them he said stop wasting my time being polite. Omg, I’m soo angry … because I’m a seller and also I’m here since last year so they can say whatever they want I’m soo mad at this person he wasted my time too and my day too… omg he’s soo unprofessional. I just feel like I’m gonna cry now. I just Fiverr community to cancel his order.


Yep, totally agree. Those new buyers can really bring a big headache to us and affect our profile.

So whenever someone message me , my first question will be “ do you have any experience with this platform …etc”

If they are new, I’ll need to spend more time explain the whole fiverr process from beginning to the end.

Troublesome but I think it’s necessary


I do the same but this buyer was soo much in a hurry when I was asking about his order. he placed an order without asking. He’s new here that not a problem because I have seen many new buyers and I have worked with them. but this buyers was soo rude that’s the problem and when I was saying don’t worry Fiverr community service will cancel your order and you’ll get your money. You know what he said to me. He said don’t waste my time I’m tired of being polite… omg I was soo angry. I’m just worrying that he’ll do the same with another seller.