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🤦‍♂️ My [bad] first impression of the Skills Test feature

I’ve just received the Tests feature myself today, and long story short: I wasn’t expecting the tests to be this bad! :grimacing:

First I tried the SEO test. I had a bit of a hard time getting past the first questions because they were so outdated and asking questions about defunct platforms that it made my brain freeze. So I thought to myself, “OK, maybe it’s also a history test as well” and so I kept going.

But the deeper I got into the test, the harder it was becoming because of the poor grammar, spelling errors, redundancies, etc. Instead of trying to answer the questions as I was supposed to, I was actually trying to understand what the person who wrote them tried to say! That is simply unacceptable for a skill test! :no_mouth:

OK, so I then thought to myself “Maybe the English test will be easier in that regard”. I started the test and was immediately struck by a question with 4 possible answers out of which 2 were completely identical, and I had only one choice available! :man_facepalming:

So which answer should I have chosen given that 2 of them were identical? (yes, I spent a whole minute just looking at them like in a “find the differences” game, and they were identical in every single way)

I said “whatever, the author must have done it on purpose and any one would work just fine”, so I kept going. And even though the test was written in very good English, there were still minor spelling & grammar errors, which I ignored even though it should’ve been in perfect English given the subject matter itself!

Halfway through the test the horror unleashes itself after a power outage occurs in my area and drags my Internet connection down with it. The test window notifies me that the test will be paused because of connectivity issues, and then the test window immediately closes itself :scream:

After I got my Internet connection back, I’m not given a chance to resume as it should, and instead it’s automatically considered a “FAILED” test, and now I have one less attempt at the test without being my fault to begin with! :man_facepalming:


#badlywrittentests #poweroutage #nointernet #testfail

I’ve opened up a CS Ticket, but I doubt they’ll give me my attempt back, because hey, it must have been my fault for that power outage just like it is our fault for all those buyers’ mistakes that lead to cancellations.

So yeah, for me this whole Test experience was an utter disappointment!

P.S. there are so many great writers, proofreaders, editors on Fiverr, how is it possible that the tests are so badly written? :speak_no_evil:


I came across some identical answers myself: what I suggest you to do, when you encounter issues during Tests, is to report them using the appropriate feature (which should be called something along the lines of “Having problems with this question?”.


I had no such thing whatsoever :roll_eyes:

Instead, at the END of the test I get presented with a form where I can put down any complaints or suggestions I have.


Got failed for nothing LOL! Better luck for the next test @Woofy31


Welp, my bad, that’s what I meant. The feature I wrote about must have been on another website with similar Tests, my apologies.

But yeah, Fiverr offers a final feedback of the Tests, I guess that’s the only way to report any kind of issue!


Huh? What is this test? :joy: I have never heard Fiverr mention anything about it!

Do you gain TRS if you pass the test or what? And if (Or when if the questions are so retarded) you fail? :scream:

Here you go:

But no, you don’t gain TRS. These are just tests that allow you to prove your skills to potential buyers, and Fiverr claims to give you better chances at getting buyers/sales.

However, if they’re badly written, the tests probably become a lottery game :roll_eyes: It becomes more of a luck test rather than a skill test :grimacing:


These tests aren’t developed by Fiverr but by Expert Rating. Faulty with gaps, flaws and who knows what else. There are even complete incorrect answers without giving you the option to choose “none of the answers are correct”.

Have you taken a look at the thread you posted? Come join us, we have been discussing about this :blush:


That makes it even worse :grimacing: Deciding the skills of sellers based on third party services that are taken as granted? :no_mouth:

Yes, I looked at the thread I posted since it was written by me and I had to correct some things :smiley:

Join where? :eyes: I haven’t been on the forum quite often lately, and I might be missing something here…


Yes, absolutely right !!!

hahahaha No, not this one, the one you posted on your comment :rofl:

Here Take a Test, Earn Trust!

Oh, yes, I’ve spent a bit of time there reading some comments, but I wanted to create a new thread with my honest impressions about the tests and how bad some are, in the hope that Fiverr will do something about these tests (or change their tests service provider with one that is more correct, accurate and up-to-date)

And as expected, CS can’t do anything about the uncontrolled interrupted test failure problem :neutral_face:


The idea of a multiple choice test for SEO practitioners is so laughable that I cannot believe it is there.
There are so many areas, so many different trains of thought, along with the fact that the whole effective practice can change in an instant, that any test that is offered by a company like that is bound to be outdated and “tunnel-visioned” or else be so basic that it has no actual value, ie. the info is so general that it is more common sense than based on things practitioners should know.

Personally I have no interest in working with buyers who place significant value on some undefined and unexplained test score so I haven’t and won’t be taking the tests.


It would be nice and I think that also useful is you copy/paste what you wrote on your first post (comment), as the other thread was opened by Fiverr’s staff. Let them know all the issues !!! :smiley:


Exactly! Just giving you an example here: the SEO test kept stressing me about Yahoo Directory like it was still a modern thing, even though it’s been dead for the last 4 years or so.

Maybe it’s a History test as well, though it didn’t feel like one :smiley:


That is beyond laughable (See highlight in image below). Just be glad you got interrupted as you would have wasted more time on it.


Actually, I was interrupted on the English test, which was better written :roll_eyes: The SEO test had an expected bad result that made me hide it from my profile because it was clear from the outdated & badly written questions that any decent SEO connoisseur would get a low score no matter what (unless one actually understands those questions that make no sense :smiley: )


The seo test probably has 25% of questions that have zero relevance now and were not even relevant ten years ago. If you have ever taken tests from Microsoft or Cisco you will recognise this format, where the right answer is not always the correct one but the one they want to be correct. The wordpress test is harder but the questions are relevant and if you know your stuff you will get a decent score.


So that means 2 x (internet) interruption = wait 3 months to take the test again.

Or, for people who make the giant mistake of looking at the test to see what it’s about and how long it will take, only 1 x (internet) interruption is needed, as looking at the test and required/allowed time apparently already counts as 1 try, even if you didn’t start the test because you didn’t have 40 or 60 hopefully uninterrupted minutes right then.

:smiley: I haven’t taken any Microsoft or Cisco tests but I recognize that format anyway lol.


Let’s just hope tests don;t start affecting gig ranking…