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My balance available is a strange amount

If we are paid in increments of $4 because of Fiverr’s cut, how does my balance say $13 available? Yes it is low as I cash out frequently ( before anyone thinks it dangerous to advertize my balance).

Have you made any purchases? Did you sell something with a shipping fee?

I don’t sell anything that needs physical shipping and I have bought 2 gigs but each time my balance was empty and so I paid via PP.

It was me… I managed to sneak a Canadian dollar (“Loonie”) into the pile. It’s worth about 90 cents American… so that’s why your balance looks…

(…wait for it…)




(Sorry, I just could NOT resist that “open door”!)

Reply to @regency85: You are naughty, haha!

It is baffling me but with the bugs I’ve encountered, I’ll just make sure I’m paid in increments of $4. Well, that’s all I have time for today, better get on with working!

See you all soon,


Considered PayPal, or shipping fees/remainders?

Reply to @kjblynx: Sorry for the delay in reply, been busy working and not been in the Forum for a while.

Some strange reason it rectified itself after a withdrawal on the account. I think it must have just been a bug. I’m not missing any money so I can live with it.

As always, appreciate your help,