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My balance is still S0.00 after I delivered my work?

Hey guys, I and a few of my friends have started business on fiverr just yesterday and we had an order. After we delivered the order the balance on the right corner is still 0. What am I missing?

kjblynx said: More specifically, the TOS states you will receive the funds in your Fiverr account after a 14 day safety clearance time. Fiverr takes 20% of the earned funds before they are sent to your Fiverr account, thus you earn $4 for every $5 of an order.

Ah, you have more patience than me. ;)
They need a question on sign-up "As per the Fiverr Terms of service, how many days, minimum, will earned funds take to appear in a seller's account?" If you answer 14, you can sign up.

(By the way, I'm just joking...or am I?) :0

Reply to @kjblynx: Really, I feel the forum mods should have an FAQ sticky pasted at the top like most every other forum. I like helping folks too, but when I think of the work-hours spent, and bandwidth wasted answering the same questions over and over each day… My heart really goes out to CS, imagine the repetition they get.

Thank you so much guys. What a shame that English is not my langue that’s why I couldn’t much. Thanh you anyway :))

Check your pending clearance amount :-))

it need time. If buyer give review then $ add your account intently. But if not get review then it take time.

Reply to @skillhand: If you meant “instantly”, that’s incorrect. Funds become available for withdrawal 14 to 17 days after the order is delivered. For most gigs, if the buyer competes the order, with or without leaving a review, the funds are ready 14 days after that. If the buyer does not mark the order complete, then the system will auto-complete in 3 days, then the funds are ready 14 days later, or 17 days after the order was delivered.