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My bank deducted for paying fiverr but the seller or fiverr doesn't seem to have received the money

Hello , I’m just quite worried about my money :frowning: $23 is so big for me already… just awhile ago I payed a seller $20 + $3 (fiverr tax?) and my bank was deducted $23 already. The problem is, the seller didn’t receive any notif of payment nor fiverr hasn’t said anything in my order list or my dashboard about payment histories or what… I already contacted the support but I just posted this to know if anyone else has also encountered this issue?

I am a seller and had buyers end up with this issue. They offered a refund to the buyer and in my case I had a cancellation penalty due to the refund. So customer support should be able to help you!


Okay thank you for the response sir, this is a sign of relief for me knowing that I can get my money back.

Just tell customer support about the issue. Show them proof that you placed the order, and it should all be fine. These things happen.

I think that the seller might just no know that it takes 2 weeks for it to get cleared to the point where you can withdraw it. It could be a glitch with fiver because I have seen some other threads having other issues about the payment system on Fiverr. So I would get refunded and then send the money again.