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My Basic English Test Result is Not Showing On My Profile

I have passed a test on Fiverr, name: “BASIC ENGLISH”. it should be shown on my profile. But it is not showing on my profile.


Give it 24 hours to update, clean your cache and cookies and check again. If it still won’t show, you can ask support.


from support it says its showing on my profile but i checked it with many different divices but it’s not showing

Ah, you contacted them already, okay, would be good to mention that in an opening post.

I can see a test result on your profile but WordPress, not English. Maybe they can see it because they are support and are checking with a browser while being logged in as a support person, I don’t know.
Did you send them screenshots to show you can’t see it? Perhaps tell them someone else checked your profile too and also can’t see the English test result.

i told my friends to check my profile if they can see the test result or not but they also said, they can’t see ant basic english result on my profile. Btw i also send screenshot to customar support. and when the reply they also send me a screenshot and on that screenshot i saw that my two passed scoore was showing on my account

Yes, I thought they probably sent you a screenshot, that’s why I’m wondering if they can see it on their side because they are logged in with some “superuser account” and maybe can see how it should be showing vs. how it shows for “normal users”.
Well, I hope they’ll take it seriously if you say several people checked for you and nobody could see it and try to check without being logged in themselves. If support did say they checked and took that screenshot without being logged in themselves, I have no idea.


ok, thank you so much for your help

It’s same with me! It used to be there, but it isn’t there anymore! Were you able to sort the issue. If yes, how?

This also happened to me! I took the Basic English Test and I got a 9.8, but when I looked on my profile, it wasn’t there! And I went back to the take a test place it said that I passed the Basic English test. But it’s not on my profile?! Were you able to get this fixed? Thanks!

If you did it on your profile it is showing. And if you took the exam on “publish GIG”. It does not show.