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My best advice for Fiverr sellers

I’ve used Fiverr for many different services: logo, ebook formatting, graphic arts, professional testimonials, website development. For the most part, I’ve had a good experience.

There are some things that consistently are irritating to me, however.

  1. Not being clear about what your service is, and how much it will cost. I find over and over and over, some list a service for $20 or $50 then all of a sudden, I get an order for $200. It’s why I always try to get clarity on scope and pricing. Most likely, if you do not state exactly what I’m getting and for what price, I will walk away from you. It’s bad business.

  2. Professional testimonials: two times I’ve used Doctors to review clinical studies and provide opinions I could use. Both times, the Doctors were not doctors or were not affiliated with the medical institution it clearly stated in their profile. Understand if you do this, not only are you a crook, but you bring legal liability to those of us that use your information. This is beyond non-professional. Fiverr buyers beware. Check out professional credentials THOROUGHLY before you hire a licensed professional for anything.

those are the biggies. Bad business practices make those of us who would employ you want to not come here. And a few bad apples amongst you ruins it for the rest of you who are solid.


Agree to the hilt!
Truthfulness and building trust will always pay you in the long term, but lack of clarity wont.
As they say

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”.



Great advice. I especially like your second piece of advice.

As a freelancer for only a year and a half–and a new member on Fiverr–I find these important. There are definitely folks out there who aren’t who they say they are or simply aren’t thorough in clarifying what they are selling or seeking to purchase from another.

Thanks for sharing!


The best business practice is always honesty.


As a seller myself, I support this 100%. Stuff like this has to stop.It reflects badly on all of us!


Had a similar bad experience as a seller…have taken up the case with Fiverr support now for falsified review feedback!!


Sending a detailed proposal is beneficial for both sides. I’ve had multiple buyers who order my service and then all of a sudden they start requesting new features in mid development.
For the past 6 months I’ve sent a detailed proposal with a list of agreements to all my buyers. Proposal covers the project requirements, goals (KPIs), scope, cost and most importantly agreements regarding revisions, last minute changes and expectations.

It probably won’t make sense to invest a lot of time when you’re selling simple $5 gigs, but if you’re offering for example web development then I’d agree with @taojonz about sending detailed proposals before orders are placed.


a simple communication beforehand between the two parties actually will clarify a lot of issues


Of course, you can’t put together a proposal if you haven’t discussed the project with your customer :slight_smile:

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My statement above was supposed to be for you, not against you…:slight_smile:

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I know, that’s why I gave your post the :heart: :wink:

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Honesty matters in every business. The client need to know that they can rely upon you… :relaxed:

Thanks for the awesome post… @taojonz


Sometimes it does and sometimes, it doesn’t. I ALWAYS contact a seller before, lay out what I need in detail, get an agreement on scope of work. It has NOT prevented this serious upcharge from happening in all cases.

A good seller will say: I can do that for $______ Then I have a choice. A bad seller takes the gig, then tries to upsell it later. This may be due to inexperience. Not all who do this are just dishonest, but it is just as bad to represent you know how to do something, charge for the service then not be able to deliver because you underestimated what it would involve.

I have found this to be true outside of Fiverr as well. And we who buy a LOT of these services become cynical and skeptical of everyone, which is a shame.


I’m a seller in fiverr from one year. I’ve had good experiences and bad experiences with buyers but fortunately a few times. I always try to communicate in the best possible way to avoid misunderstandins.

That’s what it means to provide good customer service!

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You just have to do the best you can and not get frustrated. Bad experiences will always come and teach you how to handle them in the future.

Hi guys, can someone check my gigs. I am still new though I got 2jobs, one wasn’t reviewed. Just want to know if the Everything thing is as required. I need more clients.

Your gig images are very nice, but don’t really relate to the services you’re offering - maybe they could be more relevant.

Also, proofreading and editing 40,000 words for $5 - that would take me all day!


Thank you! I will edit that

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