My best gig now doesn't appear in the search box


Well, i am a bit frustrated the last days. On november-december i have great sales, very happy customers, and all this because i do all my best effort communicating with the people, answering all the questions and having a perfect 5 stars rating on my Gig, offering a great quality service.

But now, ending december-january, my orders were reduced and i have very few sales. So i noticed today than my Gig is not more in the find results!

I contacted to the support (i am level 2) and they say "The services you have offered on Fiverr is not in our editorial focus and guidelines. Your account has accumulated too many denied services which were not in accordance with our editorial guidelines and terms of service and for the safety of the community, your account does not appear in our search results."

What it’s supposed i must to do now?