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My best Opinion about gig Ranking 2019

I was old fiverr seller, when i start this work and marketing then my gig’s impression, click, view was growing. Suddenly, i am looking my gig is down i don’t under stand how to solve this problem. then i research and i took help from fiverr forum. i install a keyword research addon into my chrome browser and i research a high quality keyword and update my all gig. Title, Description, keyword according to my neash.
And now, My all gig’s have very good position. Now, i get order and nicely complete my design with client satisfaction.
Hope you like my Opinion. if you have better idea please know me.
Thank you.


Thank you for this kind of info

you are most welcome

Glad to hear you’ve had success. Losing rankings in the Fiverr search algorithm seems to be a common struggle for quite a few Sellers these days. SEO is very important! Good luck.

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Well done on doing the research! 🖒🖒🖒

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Hello, that’s very interesting. Did you change your title after you found a good keyword? It looks like you did. I also see it matches one of your tags.

Thanks so much for all this help!!!

Thank you for your opinion i would like to know what’s the name of this kieyword research addon.

Thank you for sharing these info

What kind of addon you use?

Which addon did you use