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My best seller gig doesn't appear in search

Hi, my best seller gig doesn’t appear in the search result from the end of June. It has almost 70+, 5-star review. I have got many projects by sending the buyer request and successfully completed and I marketed my gig in various social media but still, it’s not improving!! in the last few days my gig doesn’t get any single click!! I contacted with CS but I didn’t get any proper solution. can someone tell me please what should I do now? this is the only gig I sell my service by this.


Try to edit your gig and change tags related your gig.

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following your post :slight_smile:

same prob here. waiting for the tips provided here

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I have tried but not improving :frowning:

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Hi, I’m having the same problem. Did you manage to get a solution?

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I have same issues from last two month but i didn’t find any solution.

Did you find your gig in search page

Any solution same issue with me

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