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My best seller gig is not appearing in the search. what could be the reason?

My gig is not appearing in the search that was on the first page of web programming and in the first row of the category custom website few hours back.I have 15 orders in queue of worth more than 2.5k dollars. i don’t have selected order limitation in my gig. I didn’t change anything in the description or gallery of the gig. I did some changes one week back but those didn’t affected anything my gig was in the same ranking uptill few hours back. But now not displaying on any page. i have copy pasted exact title still not appearing.i am contacting the customer support but what will the forum people say i want to take a view some of you may have experienced same thing in the past. Thanks


Having the same issue. In the past it typically only happened when I made an edit to the gig somehow, not the case this time and it’s been about a week. I’ve reached out to support, and in their typical unhelpful/automated response they’ve refused to shed light on why this is the case. I’m certain I’ve lost a few thousand in revenues from this so I’m extremely frustrated.

I wonder if they’ve added some new criteria for search results. I have 22 orders in queue, perhaps there is a threshold now? I certainly hope not, I will close the gig on my own if I am swamped. I make too much revenue here to leave but have become increaingly frustrated with the lack of seller support demonstrated time and time again, and fear my livelihood is hanging on the thread of one small tweak in their algorithms


I have one gig and I’ve used “out of office mode” for the first time in months.

I got a notification that the mode “has ended” and the gig is active now. It’s displayed on my page as active but doesn’t show up in the search results. I have 4 orders in my queue from regular buyers that I got immediately after “the mode has ended”.

It often takes time for a gig to show up after it becomes active again after being paused / on vacation / overbooked but the worst case scenario used to be around 12 hours. It’s been around 2 days so far this time.

It’s a bit encouraging to know I’m not the only one but if it’s been about a week for some it kind of isn’t. :confused:


Same here. I’m a new seller, and the my gig that has the most sales and positive feedback is hidden from search, and I can see from my gigs page that its getting no new impressions, so its not just missing from search on my end.

actually, I’m tired of having a url that doesn’t match the gig properly, so I’m going to make a new one with a good url\title and take this time to really work on my gig presentation, since I’m still new and it won’t affect me so much.

it is frustrating though. Fiverr will occasionally remove gigs from search results, it would be more helpful to everyone if they simply gave a reason why!

“letting new people get a chance”
“you should promote your gigs more”

It would make the experience so much easier if I at least got a reason why after evaluation, they decided to remove my most successful gig from results. :angry:

I also would like to know why the keywords I choose have 0 effect on whether my gig shows up in the search.

OK, I’m done complaining. I guess its time to work on my gigs\profile\life outside of fiverr.


Is it still gone since that post you’ve made 2 weeks ago?! (I hope not, I thought I read it came back in 2 says or so). Did they give you any explanation at all?

The funny thing is I just clicked another top rated seller’s gig in my category and at the bottom of the page there is a “Recommended For You” gigs’ selection. And I can see and access my gig there.


no, this is another case all together. CS simply said “all of your gigs come up in search on my end” and poof, they magically appeared back in search.

This new instance is only since the big review that happened a few days ago.

No feedback, simply gone from search results. The stupid thing is, when I use a search term which should pull up a few of my gigs, there are only 8 results total. Its not like I’m in a super crowded market.

So then I thought, maybe this is because I have two gigs that are similar to eachother. So I’m considering to craft them carefully to make it more obvious that although they are of a similar nature, they are not advertising the same service. Or I should give up and make one gig for both services, since I’m in a niche industry and idk if the editors are going to see the distinction, and buyers don’t always make the distinction either.

re: “recommended for you” that is good to hear. at least I have the chance that people are seeing my unsearchable gigs somewhere on the site.


I think you’d be notified if it was intentional. It looks like a bug to me, just because of how glitchy the search results have been lately.

My CS ticket has been forwarded to the Tech Team and they are looking into it (albeit longer than usual). We’ll see what happens.

It’s extremely frustrating to try to figure out what I should start doing or stop doing to prevent my gig from falling off the face of the Earth, though.


your faith is inspiring. :slight_smile: as I said before, I’m going to create a whole new gig for it anyways. The more work I do here, the more informed I am into what the market is looking for, what I’m able to do, and how to present it.

I’ll be sad to lose the 5 reviews on the gig itself, but I’ll be irritated forever if I don’t make the url match the title.


Hi lenasmenkova,
I noticed the exact same thing with the “recommended gigs” on another sellers page so it would appear we have a very similar issue. I wonder if we can’t brainstorm about what might be the similarities between our gig status that is causing this? My gig is still absent from search results and the CS support I’ve gotten so far has more or less been “your gig is fine, you are wrong, deal with it”. But I know this is false. I’ve tried every search criteria and category and relevant search terms — even from new IP addresses and different logins, and it’s just not there. Plus I’m typically swamped with buyers reaching out with questions for the gig and my inbox has been virtually silent since this occurred. What phrasing did you use to get them to relent and kick the can down the road to the “tech team”? Cus I can’t seem to even get an ounce of help, and my revenues are stalling… so disheartening and worrisome. I’ve spent 4 years building this business from the ground up to earn a huge amount of positive feedback and a salary that I am proud of — yet Fiverr has the power to arbitrarily derank us and remain completely non transparent with this type of nonsense. On top of that I lost level 2 status (which I’ve maintained since like month 3 on the platform) because my cancellation rating was off by, wait for it…ONE PERCENT, because I tend to get customers who do not read instruction properly etc, and request things of which I am not offering. Further…rogue refunds from orders that were completed ages ago keep popping up, presumably because of the PayPal scheme, and somehow I violated the ToS according to them because I sent a delivery with no file attached, even though the buyer and I were on the complete same page and on good terms… like,what…Instead of building my presence further here on fiverr , they can count on me using all of my spare time diversifying to other platforms. I have zero faith in their current path and no trust in their decision making process at this point.



I provided them with the screenshot of my active gigs tab with the gig in question being displayed there. I also sent a screenshot of the search results page with me not being there (there are 24 active top sellers total in my category, 23 without me so it’s a single page and there is no way I could miss my own gig).

They’ve said they had all the information they needed and I’ll be notified about any updates.

Based on the previous experiences of the last few months, I think the mechanism of the gig going from available to unavailable is extremely glitchy and flawed and I just “broke it” by using the “out of office mode” recently.

If your gig just randomly disappeared after the evaluation day, perhaps, it’s a bug that has something to do with it specifically. Because I initially set my “out of office” mode to 3 days (and the gig did come up automatically after 3 days, before the 15th. I checked. Then I extended my leave for another 2 days manually and it looked like it did come up again but this time it was and still is absent from the search results.


I can help you. i can promote and rank your gig


My gig just went up (48 hours after becoming active again, around 24 hours after I reported it missing from the search results). The CS says it was a bug that is now fixed.

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I think it’s only in the hands of Fiverr admin with regards to ranking a gig…

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lenasemenkova, and all others thank you first of all to make some issues clear to me.

I got the same problem, My gig was on the first page of Category search, keyword search, recommended and best sealing. It was in the same position over 1 year but from January 21, I lost my gig from everywhere. Sometimes I found it on the last page of every related category and sometimes not. I didn’t make any changes on my gig and I also didn’t receive any negative feedback, report or anything before the gig lost its position.

My question is what could be the possible reason to move it from 1st page to directly on the last page? As mansion above, most of the time I didn’t find it on the last page too. Also when I search using filter by my seller level I also didn’t see it anywhere. I talked to CS but they just simply reply to me that if I saw the gig active button is ON in the Analysis page, it means your Gig is showing on the search page.


Same issues… I have 5 gigs and two are not showing…

Same issue… Please check…

@reserchers_team Have you made any changes to your gig recently?

i have same issue before 2 days my gigs was active but i edit my gig and now its not active !
can you tell me what is problem ? it ,ll be active after any time frame after editing ?