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My best seller gig is not showing on Fiverr search console.Please suggest me what should i do?

On16th May at 5.00 is I have Edited My Best Seller Gig. I just Increased The price of the gig. After that When I wake in the morning at 10.00 am I didn’t found my best seller gig on the first page. Even I don’t get any order or knock from the gig after the edit. When I get back to the support center for the gig, I can’t open a ticket because of gig maintenance. I don’t know when the big issue will be solved. That gig was my only path of livelihood. I am a level - 1 seller and from that gig, I have completed 40+ jobs. But now it disappears. I feel very sad now. Please suggest me what should I do?

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That’s a good examples of “how not to”.
Never put your eggs in one basket.
If you are freelancing full time you can not afford to rely on the algorithm of one platform.

Fiverr doesn’t guarantee permanent and certain placing, it is always rotating gigs. Also adding changes to your gigs might take them out of search for some time.
You also shouldn’t hope that your gig will always be on the first page, fiverr is rotating gigs constantly.

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Yes,I understand and agree on this fact. but even if i search my gig putting the whole title key word, i still don’t found the gig.


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Is there a way to get it back to track? or should I take it as RIP? :disappointed: