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My Best Selling Gig Declined By Fiverr

After A Long Research i Created One Gig And I get Some Orders And This Gig Is My Best Selling Gigs

One Day Fiverr Removed My GIG

When Fiverr removes your gig they will normally give you a reason.


I am Created one Video With My Own Voice No Music No Copyright Material Used

Reason : Video

As you are probably aware only Customer Support can help you with this.

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.


Losing your best selling gig certainly must be a distressing experience, if you only wanted to post about it to get it off your chest, sorry to hear that you lost your bestseller, I’m sure many users feel with you.

Anyone’s recent delivery isn’t relevant to this thread, though. If you’d like help from forum users aka forum users guessing the reason why your gig/video was declined, we’d need a lot more facts than you posted, ideally would need to see the video which isn’t possible as the gig isn’t active anymore - and even then, we could only guess.
Only customer support can give you a definitive answer, as lloydsolutions pointed out.

If you want people to help you guess why, you need to come forth with much more information about your gig video than you did (and probably not post anyone’s last delivery time or similar stuff).


Could your gig’s removal have something to do with the last review your had from a buyer? :thinking:

Seller uses nulled & illegal plugins that aren’t even the latest version. Wouldn’t recommend.


No Reason Is Video

And The Buyer Tried To Cancel The Order After Finish The work

try customer support

“Reason is video” literally tells us nothing.


I also lost my bestseller gig - but that didn’t affect my sales as it wasn’t my main skills job. It only helped to get my first 10 reviews. The Gig is gone but reviews still on my profile. :slight_smile:

Thank You Everyone

What was wrong with the video? What did they say was wrong with the gig?

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More to this than I imagine.

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