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My Best Selling GIG Denied


Hi Fiverr Team, I have just got my Best selling GIG Denied after adding another image to the gig. The Gig has been around for almost 2 months and has been doing great. This is the Reason i have been given

"This Gig has been removed due to being flagged as spam, misleading users or illegal."

Where do i raise my complain because i don’t think this is true and its not fair at all.

Can somebody help?



On forum we are all regular users (sellers and buyers) just like you; so we cannot really help with this.

All you can do is create a ticket on Customer Support and wait…

Consider that Fiverr is taking more seriously now all the complains coming from other companies (eg Facebook) about fake likes/reviews and it’s removing several gigs (without any warning). I don’t know if your gig can be one of those, but please remember that everything that goes against a third company ToS breaks Fiverr ToS too and so can be removed.