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My Best Selling Gig got denied-How to get it back?

My Best Selling Gig got denied after i uploaded a new design inspired from a design from the internet. How to get it back? This is my only gig by which i got all my clients. Please help.

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Why was my Gig denied?

If your Gig has recently been denied, you will receive an email update explaining why. Unfortunately, once your Gig has been denied, it will not be restored. If you are still having issues understanding why, we advise that you review our Terms of Service for more information.

The above is from the Help Centre.

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum. Nobody here can get your gig back.

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Thank you. So there is no way i am getting my gig back? That’s so disappointing to hear.

Even I came here to know what to do when gig is denied? so if I can’t restore my gig, will I be loosing my ratings, review and my performance that are related to gig also. Can I create same gig again?