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My best selling gig had disappeared for 6 weeks in search

My best selling gig had disappeared for more than 6 weeks for unknown reason. I asked help from customer support, they told my everything was fine, my gig was active, but no matter which key word I used, I could not find it. I even tried to copy other sellers gig title and use it as mine, and then the other seller’s gig shown easily but my gig still disappeared. Now, I am a blind man walking in the dark night, and this situation still go on and on…No new messages, no business, I just make a living supported by regular customers’ order. :weary:
I can understand fiverr’s intention to keep sellers balanced to avoid top sellers dominate the search result all the time. I could notice that I was rotated in the past years. The difference was I would be released from the “Limbo” after one or two weeks’ “arrested”. but this time, my Limbo life has lasted for one and half month and still on and on…until endless, that is why I am so panic, I feel very helpless this time like a child who is punished by parents but doesn’t know what mistake I have made.


it has a common problem of fiverr and they skipped the main answer all time. It’s not their any fault but it’s their algorithm.


The same thing has happened to me. My bestselling gig with over 1400 5-star reviews is no longer showing in search results. I haven’t had a message or order for almost two weeks.

Fiverr is my full-time job and I can no longer pay my bills. Please let me know if you find a solution to this issue.


Many are facing this issue and no one is getting a genuine reply from CS , they keep on saying everything is fine and keep on doing good work .


@nativechina and @katiep1

Did you make changes to your gig at all immediately before it disappeared… do you think it may just have been ‘de-indexed’ because the changes needed to be seen and approved by staff?

Sometimes, a gig gets de-indexed totally when it’s updated by the seller, and this stops it showing in search results ever again until you ask support to ‘please re-index my gig’. This is only the case if the gig does not show in search results at all, and so isn’t relevant for those whose gigs have fallen to the last pages.

@nativechina – never, ever, copy someone else’s gig title as your own. I can see why you did it but this could get you banned entirely…


I didn’t make any changes, no. The gig is still there, just not on the first page where it used to be. I have at least 10 times more positive reviews than my nearest competitor and even if you search on bestselling I don’t appear.


I cannot find your profile at all, @katiep1

Is it under a different username? I wanted to see what happened when I searched for you but cannot see you even listed as a seller.


I’m just KatieP on the platform.


Thanks, Katie, I will check it out and let you know what I find…


@katiep1, I have a strong suspicion the reason you’re way down in the list is because of many orders in the queue. It works the same for me now. I have seen my own profile head much lower, the more orders I queue. I think that the algorithm has become more sensitive to lower us the more we sell and that this has happened in the last two weeks.

When we clear orders, I suspect we will rise again. Clearly, if we are at the top spots all the time and end up turning away work or responding more slowly because we have a lot of work on, it works less well for the platform.

A couple of weeks ago, I had plummeted from page 1 to about the end of page 2 (not been there for two years!) and now I am back on p1. But will only be at the top of p1 when I clear some of my orders.

I also tend to think that the number of new orders placed may have begun to be more highly prized than the value. I have $16k of orders currently but I have been advised that I should aim for a larger volume at lower rates! So, if I had 100 orders at $160, that’d be better for my ranking when I am looking for new business, than my six or seven orders that amount to $16,000.

All just hypothesis but something certainly changed at the end of Feb!


Thanks so much for your thoughts and advice.

I only have two actual gigs left, and the rest are monthly account mgt subscribers. I will see about putting them onto another gig so they don’t clog up the number of orders people/the platform see.

I do hope I can crawl back up again. I don’t like not having any work.

Thanks again.


Thank you very much for your suggestion. I have the same doubt with you. My gig disappeared after I got a $1250 order about 6 weeks ago. Maybe according to fiverr’s logic-a seller need long time to finish this project, let’s throw him to the “cold palace” so that he can focus on working. However, after that big order being finished, I am still living in the “cold palace”, nothing is better.

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Same thing happening to me


I’ve been having the same issue for the last month and no real answer from CS.


If you read Frank’s post called “Welcome to 3.0” you may find some answers.


Thank you for posting that link - I’ve just read through it and a lot of it does make sense but it still seems unfair that Fiverr has changes so much without telling us or even acknowledging it when we ask them about it.


Hello my bro!
Please do not worry about it and keep making offers in buyer requests also contact your old buyers and give them special offers :slight_smile:
my gigs were disappeared for almost 9 weeks and I got them back to where they were
my problem was I kept waiting the first 5 weeks with no moves from me, didn’t made offers. and that’s made it worse.

I wish you all the best!


Hey there!

It’s actually happening to me right now. I’ve made Fiverr my full-time job and I was doing pretty well, getting 5-6 orders per week. Then, I had a client who asked for three reviews, and took almost three days to ask for every review after I delivered my work, just to avoid Fiverr to mark the order as complete. So, a job that was supposed to be quick, the client for his own reasons of being “Busy” and “Detailed”, kept me asking non-sense modifications. It took me 8 days to complete that order.

Since I had this incident, the orders and messages just stopped coming and I found out that my gig wasn’t appearing on the same places that it used to on the search engine. It’s been already 9 days without an order, and it wasn’t even my fault. I read the “Fiverr 3.0” article and it makes sense why my best-seller gig get affected by this, but it’s not fair. Let’s see how we can get through this…


Thanks for sharing, I think it makes sense and is very helpful.

I do agree with you, it is pretty unfair for sellers who are making great efforts. I feel very depressed by being “arrested” innocently :sob:


Don’t keep all the eggs in a single basket. Diversify your income.

Also this is not an issue. Fiverr pushes some sellers to the back so others can get more exposure. You can blame this on Covid and having tons and tons more people coming to the platform.

Reasons… it can be anything from late orders, bad private feedback, anything like that really.

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