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My best selling gig has been removed

I’m new seller my best selling gig having 3 5 star review is removed few hours ago, reason I add words social signal for buyer that I will add your social signal in citations… fiverr say, you are sharing social signals in the Gig packages which isn’t in accordance with the Third-party rules. but I only add words social signal , I’m not sharing social signal at all, unfair… is there any chance now fiverr will restore my gig or thats it?


If it has been removed, I think it won’t be restored if it’s against fiverr TOS

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unfair… heartbroken

Get in touch with support and ask them. They are the only ones who can explain why your gig was removed. If they feel your gig broke their guidelines, there’s very little you can do - but you could try to edit out whatever caused the issue, and then ask the support of they could reactivate it. It’s a slim chance but that’s what you have to do. :slight_smile:

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how can I edit removed gig?

I’d suggest you get in touch with CS first, as @SmashRadio suggested. I don’t think you can edit a removed gig, and if you try and duplicate it, you’ll likely run immediately into the same problems.

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I think you can’t do that.

Please contact the customer support asap and explain your intentions. I am sure you will get back your gig and sorry to heart that. Thank you!