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My best selling gig has disappeared!


i logged into my account a while only to discover that my best selling gig - facebook likes has disappeared, i wonder why this is so… i was getting good patronage with 100% ratings thus far, no complaints about the service. The gig is the only one having extra’s.

Fiverr has left behind the ones having little or no sales yet still states that i have all my gigs active even though one has been removed , what do i do now??


I believe this has to do with what you’re selling, I would move on and try to offer a gig that doesn’t involve facebook likes.


Reply to @accessgirl: yeah i have moved on but i wonder why fiverr should take down a gig that has been bringing in revenue for them, the likes are done manually and not bots or fake.


I would advise not to do something that is highly competitive you will loose in the long run, I do graphics and Im not getting any sales, Im moving on to something new and less competitive