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My best selling GIG not in marketplace. WHY?

I am offering a business flyer from 2 years on this marketplace.

even I have 500+ reviews & it’s my best selling gig.

Suddenly, I lost my ranking ( actually disappeared )
I have a bit low order complication rate & on-time delivery but This is my 1st experience like this from last 2 years. If I try to find my gig on category or use search option there is not my gig anyhow! I really don’t know why this happening! Can anyone help? & let me know why this happening & how this will rerank…

note: I used social share even I am still completing orders from my old client but no new client, no click view, no impression, no new message, It’s happening from last 2.5 month.

Anyone can help?

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I’m getting ranking but no sales. Go figure :roll_eyes:


:frowning: I am not sure why this happenu=ing with you…

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