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My Best-Selling Gig Removed By Fiverr :(


Unfortunately we had to remove your Gig run deep competitor research via semrush due to the following reason/s: * Your Gig has been flagged by our team following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use.

Like for real? WTH majority people here use ahrefs, semrush etc to perform research so why I’m the only one get this? Totally disappointed with this :frowning:



I am sorry this happened to you. I hope you get more info. on this from CS. If they can’t reinstate your gig for whatever reason, I hope you can come up with another gig idea (as soon as you are done creating a new gig, you could even send a message to CS asking if they could verify that the new gig meets Fiverr’s requirements).

Good luck! :blush:


Perhaps they don’t mention the name of the software they’re using to do the research? Using the logo of the software as part of the gig image may also have been a problem.


Merciavideo is correct. You can’t name the software or use any company’s logo in your gigs.


Yeah will definitely ask CS about this soon, thanks for your support. I have many gigs to implement but such a letdown when your best-selling gig suddenly removed without any prior notice to tweak it in accordance to Fiverr T&C


Unfortunately, you will no get answer so fast from CS. I’m still waiting for their answer for my gig, and I can’t create another.


I bet there’s ton of people doing that here but I see their gigs still active like those who do product research with Junglescout etc. Even Udemy allows their instructors use the software logo so why Fiverr? To remove without at least giving me chance to tweak it was such a letdown tbh. I even paid SEMrush annual subscription for freelancer to do this so not sure how I infringe their intellectual property. See attached pic


But you’re not paying to be able to use their logo.

I buy stuff from Marks and Spencer, but it doesn’t give me the right to use their logo. :wink:


So if I offer PPC service here like google ads, facebook ads etc I can’t put their logo? Ffs Fiverr should do the same for those who include Android (Apache License), Adobe Photoshop (Proprietary Software), Instagram (Freeware) logos as these are all software-based.


I buy stuff from Marks and Spencer

Show off. :wink:


I hope your problem will be solve asap mate. This is frustrating


Thanks, yes, is frustrating. But, you know what, the bigger problem is, that makes you nervous because u can’t get answer from CS in this time. :confused:


What you have to say about those who offer Google ads service and include Google logo in their gig? Pay google so the ads appear in search engine but shouldn’t they dont have the right to use Google logo as well? See why it doesn’t make sense? I get your point but still if you look from another frame of reference then you’ll understand why I’m frustrated


You can flag those gigs as IP violations…


Not much - it’s nothing to do with me. However if the companies who own the software/logso etc. complain to Fiverr, then I’m sure something would probably be done with them as well.

Until you get an answer from CS BTW, this is all speculation.


Yeah if those considered as IP violations I’m sure Fiverr will lose almost half freelancers from each android, photoshop etc segments


I understand why you frustrated.


So instead of banning , Many reviews Gig , why they can not say the reason and give gig edit request . that mean they don’t care how many reviews or how old or how many recommendation that seller have , They just banned the gig and said what ever Tos Violation, i have same experience Multiple time. :neutral_face:


I really don’t know.

Did you ask them why?


It’s because they do not want to have to come back and check to see if you did it, at least that seems to me to be the logical reason among others.