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My Best-Selling Gig Removed By Fiverr :(


Just received feedback from Fiverr CS and they told me it was a mistake on the other end. So my gig will be reinstate in the search result within 24 hours. This is further validate with a proof of my annual subscription to semrush. Glad it was settled now, but not sure if I still hold the top spot for competitor research in Fiverr. Anyway, I would like to thanks James from FIverr CS Team for addressing this issue quickly and display professional attitude during such difficult period. And I would like to apologize to everyone as well because I was so frustrated last night, this gig really mean a lot to me.

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They aren’t currently receiving bad press over it, because they don’t allow sellers to dispute IP violations.


I think this is a bit harsh. Maybe they have over-zealous bots and it’s hard to fight back when you accidentally get hit, but the way they run it is what works for them. I imagine 9 times out of 10 it actually is an IP violation and it’s much easier for them just to say no disputes.

And, as Jon pointed out, Fiverr is big about the privacy. I’m sorry you’ve been falsely targeted and if I were in the same situation, I’d probably want that info too, but I don’t they’ll be giving it to you. Very kindly ask CS if someone can manually review the gig, and if all goes well they’ll see it’s a mistake and reinstate it.

As a random aside, I also just learned that 3 or more tildes = formatting hell. :thinking:


Regarding the use of Google Logo:

Regarding the use of Adobe Software Logo(s)

Fiverr is seriously reviewing the gigs again according to their new updates to the Policy. I have even learnt from the CS last month that you can’t even put Fiverr logo too. I think, its because neither the seller and nor the buyer belongs to Fiverr. More on that what I have learnt is, you should only advertise that what you actually sells and is your own original content. Another eg; if a seller is stating a 24 hour delivery in the gig title but is not offering in the package(s), the gig is termed as containing a “misleading information”. Those gigs will be taken down too. So, sellers its high time, update your gigs accordingly.

Good Luck!!

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Are you talking about the "Google Partner badge? Badges are a different story. They’re supposed to be shared.

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