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My best selling gig

When I started work in fiverr I was so disappointed. But I never lost the hope. I was trying to bring some good result for me.

After that, I got some success. Still, I’m trying to do more!

Here is my gig


Nice Gig Picture and Nice Description :slight_smile: Hope you will doing Better in future

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NIce GIG and nice service hope you will do good in your upcoming life

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Thank you! @sunnysum,

Hi @ytdesignerxpert Thanks, I’m trying to make it better

Thanks Good luck bro.

I’m new to fivver can you send me a order or review it plz

How i can? Can you explain! please. Thanks @ytdesignerxpert

You know better bro how to improve you gigs on Fivver i want to imrove my Gig so i need aome orders na dreviews

But i don’t have any job to give you!

i was your gigs, the images and descriptions are great.

one question: In your primary image, you wrote that you are a Fiverr Pro but you are not, which is misleading. and as far as i know if any gig image or description have something misleading then the gig will be remove.

so i think you have to check it or there is a change that you will loose your gig.

Hi @tainus

Fiverr pro text is part of my design text it does not create any problem for my gig. I have checked it by customer support.

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Motivational post. I will do same as you…

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If it’s okay then okay :grinning:

My best wish with you. All the best @shantho5