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My best tip for return buyers


Quality is key!
I know for me, if I’m going to do a voice over for someone, I’m already tempted to just record and be done. But what I’ve learned is, if I do that, I won’t ever have that seller return. So every time I’m recording for someone, I do it like it’s for like Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon. I do my very best for them and I’ve had return buyers because of it.
So point being, don’t go cheap, bring each buyer the best quality you can possibly get them and you’ll have return customers


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Thanks for the tips.


yes you are right. And one more important things is after sell service.


Go to fiverr and search for it. You’ll get one.


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Agree with you. If you have quality you must find out the way of success.


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this one is one of the good suggestion. thanks bro.


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That’s also what I do in general but there is a problem with that. I mean when you get a gig order of 5$ for a work that is worth 25$ how much more effort you will input?

Even if that customer returns and still pays you 5$ it’s better to find a customer who is at least willing to pay you somewhat close in value to the service you provide.

I had 1 customer who was returning buyer like 7-8 times but I couldn’t effort it anymore and I kindly rejected to continue working for that customer.

I would say yes if you get paid worth the service, do. Go the extra mile! But if you are waaaay underpaid just deliver exactly what you promised in yoru service. Nothing less and nothing more.

That’s my oppinion based on past experience.


Exactly Quality is the key.
you will only be promoted by quality of the product.


Thanks your nice tips