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My bestselling gig is not in search results

Hello everyone, This is Aisha. I created this Fiverr account in august 2019 but I started to use it in December 2019. I have got orders but the issue I am facing is that my gigs are nowhere in the search results. Even my best selling gig is for logo design and that is also nowhere. I worked on keywords, the title of the gig and tags and description, but still, I can’t find my gigs in search results. Can any expert seller go through my gigs and tell me where I am lacking? I’ll be very grateful for your kind suggestions. Thank you.


Facing the same issue. Looking for the answers…

I found it when I searched for “custom modern minimalist logo.”
My guess is that you’re only searching with one or two words. Logo design is CRAZY competitive, and it’s impossible to hunt through tens of thousands of results pages.

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It’s unlikely to do anything with your service or performance. I’ve been on Fiverr for 8 years or so, and my gigs are also horribly positioned for a year or so with no apparent reason. All I can recommend is to edit your gigs from time to time, but only if you see your impressions being very low, as editing a gig can sometimes make it appear on last page for months. :scream: Try different keywords, upload more images etc. :+1:

Mine completely disappeared. I had 3 gigs listed in the first page of Best Selling in Psychics and now for some reason I can’t even locate my gigs anymore. My impressions/views are down and I didn’t get a single order today.

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Thank you, I will search again.

Sure, Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll try to do so.

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If you can’t locate them on any pages even after searching for the exact title, then support should be able to help with that. :thinking: Or at least I have seen people mention that they did get help for that issue.

There should also be a ticket category where it automatically checks if your gig is indexed in the marketplace or not. If it says no, then it should recommend you to proceed with the ticket. Hopefully you’ll get your gigs on the right page too! :four_leaf_clover: