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My bestselling gigs do not appear in Search. Help?

Hi guys, it’s been a week now that my 3 bestselling gigs do not appear in search.
I know there’s plenty of topics just like this one opened, but I tried everything those said (Yes, I literally read them all) and nothing is working!

-I tried changing tags
-I tried pausing the gigs and un-pausing them
-I tried changing the descriptions
-I added cover images

Nothing worked! From what I understand, these are all things you do to make the gig go into review again and then be approved into the market again. However, no single action I did made the gigs go in pending review. The system says they are all “active and shown in the marketplace” when clearly they are not!

I know for a fact because:
-I tried looking them up from another browser
-Asked a few colleagues here on fiverr to search my gigs
-I even asked family members and my husband to search for them
-Mind you that we have tried both looking for tags, and for the entire gig names

Nobody finds them! And it’s been 7 days now that the traffic on my profile has become literally a tickle (I used to have 3 to 4 customers contacting me everyday because those were my bestselling gigs, and now 1 per day if I’m lucky, coming from the other gigs). I have 90 reviews total on those 3 gigs.

I tried contacting CS but to no avail. They say my gigs are active and that I should focus on improving my service. Even though I have 100% completion, delivery rate and fast response rate… And my reviews amount to 5 stars!
This literally happened out of the blue.

These are the gigs, if you want to take a look at them:

(there’s another one, my “write highly converting emails”, but I can’t post more than 2 links)

Can anyone help please? I literally don’t know what to do :frowning:


Same here My gig appeared on the second page in search but now the gig is on the 5th page at the last…
I`m sharing on social media I advised you should share on social media to get traffic.

My gig is not even in the last pages. It’s just gone.
I don’t know how sharing on social media can help me since I have private profiles with only family members and friends.

my gig is gone too , first thing I seen is impressions and clicks on gig gone wild down today , difference is soo big , and in research I was on 1st page in my category now I can’t even find my gig on any of filters and my stats are always up to 100% and working every day delivering 100% finished job with great review .

Something is happening to fiverr… this is so strange
@fiverr ? anyone ?

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It’s not gig ranking issues, if it’s gig rankings issues then gig should be found even last page.
I have same issues from last two month, my gig was first page and now it’s not even last page, it’s out of search. I did changes tag, keyword etc but nothing does work and I’m not getting even a single message from new client. I have tried marketing with social media, it’s not working because gig is out of search. Not sure when fiverr will take action to fix this issues…

Maybe someone who was in the same situation and got out of it can please reply? :slight_smile: