My biggest purchase [example]


I want to tell my story about my biggest purchase here on Fiverr. I bought over 50 gigs and sold almost 60 gigs already and never thought that will spend more than $10 for one service:) In general my purchases were between $5 and $10, but I have realized, that you won’t get anything exclusive for such money.

So, few weeks ago I found one seller who is creating the promotional videos and thought about such video for our website. Before contacting the seller I set my order limit to $20, but after discussion with him I have realized that it’s impossible to get high quality services and product even for twenty bucks. So, I made order for $60 and got the video. I want to show you this video as example what you can get for $60 (remember seller got $48):

If it’s not allowed to post youtube link here, please check the sample work next to my name here:

Big thanks again to @wolfstarpicture for such incredible work!


That’s AWESOME! :wink:


Wow! Thanks guys, I really appreciate… being appreciated lol. Way to go to Pushmania for being an awesome buyer as well!


That’s cool! Great work wofl!