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My Bitter Exprience with FIVERR

Hello ! Fiverr sellers overthere. I only wt to share my Fiverr bitter and seemingly endless exprience wt you. Probably I may befiting advice and lasting solution from yr end. It is now clocking 5 months dt I joined fiverr, did every necessary things and marking strategies I could yet no single sale came on my way. I am so tired at this nightmare that I am thinking of quitting the Fiverr. Please, my good colleages I need yr advice on whatelse to do most esp any better freelance you think I can join. Thanks.

I think I’m going to let the more experienced sellers answer you.They will have a better response for you.But I would like to add that,you should make more use of fiverr forum.I’m a new seller on fiverr as well.I am not up to three months old yet but I must say i am happy with Fiverr so far.My gigs went live last month and I have made some sales.Though few in number, but still growing.I read a lot of tips from older sellers on fiverr forum.I implemented some of their suggestions and I must confess,those suggestions are working for me.I haven’t even started promoting my gigs yet.So imagine what would happen if I did.My advice? go to fiverr forum.Read posts from older sellers.You will pick up a lot of hints that when implemented, will help you.

Thanks dexpertwriter25 for yr so cool advice. I ve done wt u said , but I will still continue to be doing and many more, I have belief dt my own time will soon come. Thx very much