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My blood is boiling…


Hello everyone! I really just need to rant and ask if anyone else has had a similar situation.

About a month ago, a buyer ordered a $5 video gig from me. For $5, I need a 50 word script. Well, this buyer provided me with a 1,000+ word document. I told the buyer that I would need a 50 word script for what they ordered, but my message was disregarded. I ended up filming a video saying the first 50 words of the document, along with a message that I would happily redo it if they would send a script.

Flash forward to a month later. This buyer left a bad review. I messaged the buyer saying that I wanted for them to be happy, and I would be able to re-film to their desire with a script. The message I received is really raising my blood pressure though:

"Sorry, you can’t. You should have thought of what you could do for us when you found we were a non-profit."

Ahhhhh! This buyer expected me to work practically for free simply because they are non-profit.

Has anyone else had similar situations? I asked customer service to just cancel this order because it is not worth the $4 hassle. I am still waiting to hear back.


@alliemadison12 -> I think it would be fair for fiver to take that negative off of your profile.

Customers certainly are the ones paying, and both sellers and buyers are the bread and butter here. It’s important that good people on both sides experience a fair transaction.

The system created here should do its best to filter out anyone who is obviously trying to take advantage of people.

Fiverr is still a work in progress, and I expect it to always get better for both buyers and sellers. :slight_smile:


Totally agree. Sometimes it seems Fiverr is better for buyers than sellers. I see many gigs worth way more than $4, and one bad review can ruin your otherwise stellar reputation. Some buyers are annoying as hell and think they hired a whole studio for the $5 they give…


Just tell them you are also a non-profit.


Reply to @shayro: I agree! Most of the time it is mutually beneficial, but there are always a few situations where buyers try to take advantage.


The problem is that for some reason the founders of Fiverr decided that the customer is always right. When the customers pays for a laptop and demands the best service there is, it’s understandable. When the customers pay $5 for something he would’ve otherwise pay $50 (and some Gigs here I would’ve rated as worth even $100), they are not always right.

The truth is, if it wasn’t illegal due to plagiarism, I would’ve opened a new fiverr myself. We just need to try and keep up the good work, and hope things will change sometimes in the future…


There are other $5 sites (even $4 sites) out there, set up similar to Fiverr, but they carry heavy banner advertising & I’ve never seen ads for the sites anywhere else, so I very much doubt they pull in the traffic Fiverr does. Which means putting up with the good, bad & ugly of Fiverr. Because of the nature of my gigs, I’ve never had the same sorts of problems service-oriented sellers have (closest I came was someone who scolded me for not responding to his emails in what he considered a timely fashion. I told him I don’t live on a smart phone or computer, I actually had a real life, and if he would rather pay me to sit around responding to him instead of creating what he ordered, that was fine with me). I suspect language comprehension issues sometimes come into play with issues like yours, but probably more likely it’s a case of people expecting to receive many times more value than what they’re willing to pay for. And shame on that person for using his/her non-profit as a tool for extortion. Altho non-prof’s depend on volunteers for many aspects of their services, there are still many administrators and other workers who receive pay comparable to any other similar job. You can be sure the CEO doesn’t work for $5!


What creeps! Leave the review and below it say what they did.


Reply to @celticmoon: True! I just can’t get over the fact that they think being non-profit means payments don’t apply


Reply to @alliemadison12: Good to hear.


I’d be raging at that too. I don’t get why some non-profits believe that they shouldn’t have to pay for things. They have the budgets. I’d definitely leave a rebuttal underneath explaining your side of the story.


Reply to @aingham69: It was removed immediately, but I sent them a message saying shame on you, etc.


Reply to @bachas85: Yes when people don’t respond, I go ahead and film the first 50words with a message that I’ll redo it for free when they either pay for the full amount, or send a 50 word script. Sometimes I never hear back, sometimes I get positive reviews, and other times people realize their mistake and order properly. Most of the time I’d say that’s the way to go


I had a charity a while back buy a gig. He then messaged after delivery and said that I need to donate the proceeds back to another charity or he would leave negative feedback. He done this via my personal email account (quite easy to find my company outside of Fiverr). He ended up with a ban.


I have nothing against non-profit organizations but providing my services for free doesn’t exactly pay my bills. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lets start a charity for the abused sellers on fiverr :slight_smile: lets ask that dude if he wants to donate:_)


I am new on Fiverr and have bought several gigs from several different sellers to try and get my website going. You guys are all great and are doing an excellent job.

Keep up the good work :wink:


Reply to @ryangillam: What would even make a person think of that?!?!? UGhhh!


Reply to @matt_garry: HAHAHHA love it. Great idea


Honestly, out of all my orders the ones that are the biggest hassle are the one’s that spend $5. I have had people order the max order multiple times and every time be satisfied, but than the $5 person comes along and says something like… “I was expecting more for $5” but it’s, $5 and not even that after Fiverr. $4, maybe 20 minutes of my time, and even 20 minutes for 4 can be a bit much.