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My Book Review Gig

I am a published writer and established book reviewer. My reviews are available at which I will be soon porting to my website

You can check my gig here:

Work and Payment Terms and Timelines:

  1. You provide me a soft copy (preferably PDF) of your book and related photos.
  2. I read it and write the review according to the package you choose.
  3. You get to review my review and enlist amendments.
  4. I make amends and send you the second draft for review.
  5. You point out any rectifications.
  6. I amend accordingly and send you the final draft.
  7. You check it and make the payment in full.
  8. I publish your review on all the platforms.

That’s not how Fiverr works. You might want to read Fiverr’s Terms of Service, you’ll find the explanations there.

Also, paid reviews are strictly forbidden. A few years ago, Amazon sued 1,000+ Fiverr sellers for writing paid reviews.


Thank you for your advise. I removed the gig. Thanks again.