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My book reviews and critiquing services

I have been on Fiverr for exactly one month today (or later today anyway.) So, I thought maybe it was time to try and advertise my gigs on the forums.

My first gig is my honest book review service. In this one I will read through your book and give you an honest review of it. What you do with the review is up to you, but if you would like I will also post it to both GoodReads and wherever else your books is hosted.

I will also post a link to its sales page, with a short one to two sentence review, in both my twitter and Facebook accounts. I also post the review to my blog and list the book on my “reviewed books” page of my website. I do all of that for free. If potential buyers of the gig would like to see the website and books I have done, you can see them here: (As a side note, I also actively buy organic website traffic gigs to keep the traffic high on the site.)

As a writer, myself I understand full well the dread and that horrible crushing feeling when you put all that work into a book and then no one buys it. So my goal with this gig (besides earning myself five dollars,) is to hopefully help you sell your books.

My second gig is my proofreading slash critiquing service. (Please note that the link says 10k words but I have since had to reduce the number of words I can do per order. It’s now only 6k words.)

With this gig, I will read your story line by line and leave comments on everything I find. This could be anything from a glaring plot hole to a wordy sentence. In most cases the bulk of the comments will be for missing words, everyone misses a word or two. Normally small words. Another one that makes up the bulk in most peoples writing is “echoes” or cases where they use the same word too close together. However, I look for anything that I feel could sound better, and I offer up my opinion on how it could be fixed.

For the time being if you promote either of my two main gigs (The review or critiquing service) on twitter or Facebook, and show me proof, I will add an extra 6k words on top of the 6k already for my critiquing service. So, that would be 12k words for 5 dollars.

My third gig is my tip slash donation jar. As the link shows, it’s for helping me fund a surgery I need. However, beyond that I won’t go into detail, it’s in the gig if you’re curious. I don’t wanna sound like I’m begging.

Thank You for considering my gigs and I hope to have a chance to work with some of you. (Sorry about the wall of text this turned into.)

Update: I have now been granted level one status and attached gig extras. Handy little system.

Hello and good afternoon. I am interested in your book review services for my new poetry book Stellar. How much are your book review services and can you post reviews on amazon and goodreads. Thank you. Kevin

Welcome, Kevin! This post (and the other one you posted on) are both several years old and this seller appears to no longer offer any services on Fiverr.

Since this time, gigs offering paid reviews are no longer allowed on Fiverr, to my knowledge. However, there are many talented writers in the Writing section on the main site that could give you a great proofread and critique of your poems. (This might not be as big of a help if your book is already published, though!) I hope you are able to find what you are looking for!

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