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My brother and I both are using same WiFi connection or signals.... Please guide

Hi fiverrers, I was reading about multiple accounts on Fiverr here and I got confused. Can you please understand my situation and guide me? Shall be grateful!
My brother and I both using the same wifi signals but we both have different laptops and mobile phones. As a family members it’s not possible to have two wifi connections or modems at home. So, I there any chances for account disability?
Many thanks in advance


Are you offering similar or different services?

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Until or unless you both sell in different categories

Like one is selling designing and other is selling writing

also you will need to take permission from Customer support.

Make sure keep the screen shot, of there permission.


@mariashtelle1 Thanks for your reply
We are offering entirely different services.

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Then you should contact support and ask for their permission so if they do notice it one day you would have proof that they allowed it


So if two sellers are using same Wi-Fi, their accounts can get blocked?

That means Fiverr is being accessed from two different accounts from the same IP address. It’s better to clarify things with the support.

I don’t agree with this part!!

My jnr bro and I are use the same Wi-Fi. So now our account could be disabled?

Can you please guide about seconday account? I mean Both accounts will be banned or only a second one or which one?