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My brother wants to join Fiverr but we only have one laptop

My brother wants to join the Fiverr, but we only have one laptop and using the same internet connection. Shall it be a problem? But we’ll provide the same services. Please help!


You can ask Fiverr for permission, but I’m pretty sure you won’t be allowed to do that. The Terms of Service say that two accounts aren’t allowed to sell the same services from the same digital location.


You can’t create two accounts in same device. Please kindly talk with CS in fiverr. That is the best way to solve this problem. However you can’t use same device to create two accounts. Read TOS

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I’ve heard that if you both offer different services it could work. But that was based on a case about a year ago.

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Is this your account being reviewed by the Trust and Safety Team?

Why is your account being reviewed and why your uncle’s account got banned?


My current account is already under review. So, I’m not active to my account but if my brother make a new account, that may create some problem. They already accusing me of having additional accounts which I haven’t.

Thanks bunny. We both kind of offering the same services but if he joins only one gig can be different. My account is already under review by Trust and Safety Team. I don’t know how long would it take but it already 6 days have gone.

Aside from this, in real terms it is not practical for two people to use the same laptop to manage freelancing in any capacity. You would both be having to log in and out constantly just to check messages and work on dfferent orders.

If your brother wants to use Fiverr, the very least you will have to do is get him to buy a laptop of his own. Or you can invest in his business by buying him one. Alternatively, your brother could use your laptop to create an account on a different freelance platform.


Yeah, That may work. Thanks!

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that’s correct, you’re very right.

Your uncle’s account got banned, your account got a warning, and now your brother wants to join fiverr using your laptop and your internet?

And you have to ask on the forum what we think?

Thanks for my laugh of the day brother.

This part was the icing on the cake:



dont try it, Fiverr specifically states you cant use the same device for different accounts. I can advise you open your account on a fresh mobile device. You can use a borrowed laptop to create your gig and then manage your account from the mobile phone.

Nothing will work in your case.