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My brother's account was disable without any violation


My brother’s account was disable without any violation. Please help. He got just one warning today’s morning and account just disable. He had 100% deliver rate, 95% order complete rate, 5.0 rating and 100% response rate. He did and awesome job since 8 months. why they do like this.I attached his first warning today. Please help Us guys.I think this is mistake …



what was he selling?


It says “third” violation, which means he has received warnings twice in the past, I assume?
It also says about not delivering the order within the given time, so it
seems like your brother failed to deliver his gig on time more than once.
That’s the reason.

BTW I know this is off topic, but you might want to do something with your gig
before it gets deleted by Fiverr.
Using the Burger King and Fiverr logo as your sample image is a pretty bad idea.


Logo animations, Logo designs, video editing service.


That’s the problem. He hasn’t get any warning before .if he had he was not level one seller. and his deliver on time rating is 100%. I don’t know why fiverr doing this.


we have all proofment in the emails


He could have been a level 1 seller if he got his previous warning more than 30 days ago.

He can try contacting Customer Support with proof that he didn’t break any rules.

Also, you should take into account what @zeus777 told you. Unless you have the permission to use Burger King and Levi’s logos as samples, you could have your gig removed (or your account banned) for copyright violation.


I will remove that gig.


He didn’t. that’s what I am talking about.


He’ll need to talk about it to Customer Support. Nobody on the forum can give him his account back.


sure Thanks for the help :roll_eyes:


Tell him to read ToS thoroughly and create new account. Hope he will learn something from this failure. Failures are there to teach a lesson. Best of luck to him.


How exactly do you know this for certain if this is not your account? If Fiverr is in error and didn’t give him previous warnings, then contact Customer Support and have him ask about it. However, it could be that he DID violate the rules and just doesn’t want to tell you he did.

Siblings often don’t tell the full truth, especially not to family. Trust me, I have 10 of them.


Yes but late deliveries only result in demotion of an account. And if they are over 90 percent nothing bad should happen. The whole account should not be blocked for this…


The warning sounds to me like your brother was delivering “empty” or irrelevant stuff to stop the order clock. That is a serious violation and maybe they saw he had done it a couple of times.
They say that it was his third violation not third warning so perhaps they were banned his account because he was doing a lot of things that are not allowed.


If he creates a new account without the permission from Customer Support, he’ll just get banned again.


That is comforting to me… Because often times my work can be unpredictable as I’m relying on outside powers to complete their stuff. (i.e. G Suite’s migration which is almost always slow, but VERY accurate). And as such, I’m having to visit the resolution center at times to extend the delivery window. It sounded like he was banned because it wasn’t delivered on time. I was worried that I would be in that same boat, but what you said sounds way more plausible.


Trust me, if using the resolution center was a problem then I would have gone a long time ago.
Clear communication, discussing with buyers and handling issues yourself is what is key - Pretty sure Fiverr will never have an issue with people who do that.
Empty deliveries on the other hand should be a bannable offense on its own as there is never a need to do it now that the resolution center is there.


So you deleted the gig with the Burger King and Levis, but your other gig
has the Pizza Hut logo.
I would assume that the moment we pointed out the problem with your logo gig,
you’d realize your other gig is a problem too.

Since your brother was also offering logo animations and designs, I’m guessing
he was using logos which did not belong to him.
Copyright violations and late delivery combined seems good enough to get banned.


The screenshot you posted clearly shows that there were at least 3 violations. No one on the forum can help and Fiverr doesn’t normally restore banned accounts. You will have to move on or talk to Support only.