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My Brother's Love Songs


I’m trying to convince my brother he needs to put his work on fiverr but fear of failure stops him. He specializes in love songs. Here is an example:


I just listened to this song. It’s so lovely, is that your brother singing?


Yes…my brother wrote it, played the instruments, and sung it.


Wow, impressive! :ok_hand:t4: Your brother is very talented :heart: his voice. Tell him fear is not an option, tell him to get out there and share his gift with the world. :sunglasses:


yes…I’ll tell him. Thank you


Deep and stylish voice!




Wonderful. Sure he will have a bright future.


I agree. Your brother has talent. And, that talent could have strong profit potential. You can tell him that I’m impressed with his music. Very impressed. :slight_smile:


Thanks Jonbaas…that means a lot knowing that you were in the entertainment business.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


I am that sad type of human being who does like singing but has NO musical talent.
Your brother clearly has the skill, so tell him to go for it!
Besides he’s got nothing to lose. I mean, does he??

Maybe you can show him this post, I don’t see a single negative comment.




The future is yours!


Tell your brother to stop hiding his amazing talent. There are people in the world needing to hear more of it. :clap:
Lovely song!