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My budget is fixed. If you go above it, I will report you

I haven’t had any personal experiences with this, but I see this all too often in Buyer Requests. What the heck are these people thinking? “Oh, you wasted a second of my time, seeing as you offered services over my budget. I’m going to report you for barely inconveniencing me because you wanted to potentially gain a client on a fair budget”. This is business, take it or leave it.

I mean, I haven’t taken a look at the rules on this. There is no way that offering over-budget is against the rules, correct?

Anyway, it just upsets me that people can be this absurd and immature.


Yup, absolutely correct. Just arrogant people using silly threats to try and get what they want. The entire point of an offer, is that you ‘offer’ it to someone - they don’t have to take it.

In honesty, I think if someone repeatedly reported sellers for making them offers over their budget, THEY would be more likely to be in trouble with Customer Support for time wasting.


is anyone willing to work with that kind of buyer that threatens you even before you start to work ? :smiley:


Buyer requests is all too commonly filled with ridiculous offers, expecting the world served on a silver platter for a pittance of money. Such demanding and hostile language in a request is a blaring warning sign to steer clear from that buyer.


It’s a massive warning sign for any sane seller to keep away.

I rather suspect that the buyer is looking for someone cheap to abuse.


Hmm … Just offering over-budget, no, I don’t think so, however, offering over-budget if the request explicitly says things like “My budget is fixed.”, “DO NOT SEND OFFERS OVER BUDGET, YOU WASTE MY TIME”, “NO TIME WASTERS ONLY REPLY IF YOU WILL DO THIS IN MY BUDGET”, etc. (they seem to love all-caps style), it might be considered as spamming?

In any case, I’ve sent fair over-budget offers (some people even just put it as a placeholder when they don’t know what a fair/realistic price might be) before, but why would I want to send offers to people who write stuff like that, let them get the offers/sellers they apparently want and probably deserve.


Just proof that they are deluded, clueless, self-entitled Red Flag waving waste of time people themselves.

I wish Fiverr did more to root them out. Or at least other sellers did. This mentality has far too much of a foothold in the whole of life these days. That Four Second Work Weak garbage has a lot to answer for. There is more reality in Harry Potter.


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Asks for something at a very unreasonable rate

Threatens to report people who quote above that rate

Yeah a great opportunity, am I right? (Sarcasm) The entitlement is off the charts!

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Not just on the buyer requests listing. I have a set number of words for $5, $10 and $15. So what happened tonight? A buyer from a country with a lower living standard than mine asked me to write twice the number of words I specify for my $5 basic level gig. But without paying me the extra (which is actually my $10 gig).

This is why I like people to contact me first, because this person has now been reported and blocked. I do not recognise haggling as a form of purchase. The only people who get more words for less dosh are my regular buyers. And I have enough of them to decline the chancers when they come knocking.

This wouldn’t happen if you weren’t charging so incredibly low.

It’s going to attract people like this.