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My business has just been destroyed by Fiverr

Fiver sent me some emails today informing me that they have taken down almost all my gigs! These are gigs that I have been working on Fiverr going back many, many years - almost since the biginning. They were successful gigs that had been sold to well over half the planet. Fiverr informed me that they were removed because of offensive or adult content. My gigs are comedy gigs! They consist basically Birthday greeting/ announcement videos delivered by Comedy characters dressed in spedos and funny hats. 99.9% of my reviews, collected over mant years have been consistently five star. Without exception, my customers say they are hilarious. NEVER has anybody offered complaints that they were in any way offensive, or inappropriate.
Look for yourself and see if you find them offensive:

And now Fiverr have just removed them, completely destroying my business. I cannot understand why they would do this.
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:arrow_right: :arrow_right: Fiverr have just destroyed my business