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My buyer accepted my $5 gig, giving me a $15 tip and 5-star review! I'm so happy!

I can’t believe it!!


Hey, glad to hear that you got a $15 tips. This happens usually if you serve the client right. I have even got $100 tip on bigger orders.

You can get tips following these:

  • Keep the client updated at every step of progress throughout the order.
  • Send smiles and be friendly with the client as they usually love to be frank with the person they are working with.
  • Send the first delivery asap, in a few hours after completing the work and they will be very happy and will usually tip you on providing super fast work.

Hope these points help you out to get more tips in future. Best of luck!
Thanks a lot


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll definitely implement these in my next orders :blush:


That’s great. Best of luck!


Best of luck…


Congratulation for your great achievement. Hope it will increase your confidance… :slight_smile:

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Thank you! It really has.

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WOW! That’s great :sparkles: :tada:

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Thats impressive mate…Hopefully you will do far more better in the future.

My max tip is 6 USD…Yet…Lets see what i could get in future

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Awesome buddy, keep up the great work, tips are a positive sign!

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Thank you so much!!!

Thanks, I’m so happy!

Thanks! I’m sure you’ll get to $15 soon :blush:

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congratulations… Best of Luck

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Thank you! Good luck to you too!

congrats!!! so happy for you.

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congrats, It is really amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Congratulations :purple_heart: I hope you will get more orders soon.

Wow, congratulation. Go ahead best of luck.

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