My buyer canceled that order. But I see that my work has been used to cover his social media coverage


My buyer canceled that order. But I see that my work has been used to cover his social media coverage. But he does not pay me for this. I have the original PSD file. What should I do for this?


You do not have to accept a buyer’s cancellation request. If you did work, you should be paid for that work. Yes, it is wrong for the buyer to be using work he did not pay for, but the fault does not reside with him alone. YOU let him have your work for free. You did work for the buyer, and YOU let him keep his money.

You can pursue legal action against him, it you choose to go that route, but the truth still remains… you let him have your hard work for free.


can i report this fiverr CS…?


At this point, CS won’t be able to do anything. YOU gave the buyer your work for free. The order has been cancelled. There is nothing live within the Fiverr system for CS to respond to.


if i not accept a buyer’s cancellation request, its cancel automatically in 2 days no?


I have answered your questions. You said the order has been cancelled. There is nothing more that you or Fiverr can do about this here on Fiverr. The buyer has your work – you gave it to him for free (because you let him keep his money). This is done. In the future, don’t accept cancellation requests that give your work away for free.


According to the ToS:
All transfer and assignment of intellectual property to the buyer shall be subject to full payment for the Gig and the delivery may not be used if payment is cancelled for any reason.

If I were you,I’d contact CS and how them a screenshot of where it’s being used.

What reason did the buyer give for cancelling please?


To specifically answer this question, yes, if a buyer requests a cancellation, and you do not respond to that cancellation request, the order will automatically cancel in two days, and the buyer will get his money back.


In the future you can use the Watermark option available on most graphic design gigs. This will leave a Fiverr logo over your work until the order is completed so someone can not do this.


You can contact Google and request them to de-list pages from the Google search. Alternatively, you can contact the social media platforms in question and request that any material is immediately removed.