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My buyer cancels the order without any mistake but I refuse to do. Is it damage my gig when I deliver it

My buyer replace the order and I complete it honestly and buyer likes the work. Then the buyer gives me the same order the second time. The buyer gives all data I adjust it in beautiful content and post it and buyer like it that’s why buyer orders me again. But second time after 3 days buyer kicked out me from buyer group and asked to cancel the order saying that quality of work is poor.
If my quality of work is poor then why the buyer ordered me again?
And all data is from buyer then how can my quality of work is poor?
I refuse to cancel the order and asked the buyer to compete for the order if the buyer wants something buyer should inform me but the buyer just cancels it without any reason. And now no reply from the buyer I text buyer many times.
What happened if I delivered my order at my time?
Is it damage my profile or gig?
If buyer review me and I delete my gig can I able to see the review?

It will normally still show on the profile if they review the gig even if you delete the gig.

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If you deliver on time than it shouldn’t affect your delivery time negatively.
It’s not the point anymore if your work is great or not. The thing is that the buyer obviously aim for cancelling.
From reading through the forum I got enough information that canceling has an impact on your ranking.
But it should be temporary (I guess 60 days, I read somewhere but I’m not sure on this).
Also the buyer can not leave you a bad review.

The bad review will stick on your profile even if you delete your gig.
It’s up to you to decide. Would you rather take the money and have a bad review (lifetime) or
prefer the canceling (temporary bad ranking)?

You already got the first order (safely?) and maybe it’s better to let this order go, but it’s your decision.
Hope this information helps a bit. :+1:

with lifetime I mean with your account