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My buyer did not done job but put it in delivery

Last week I have put order to review my cv and give me revised cv, I have assign order to one seller, he quickly accepted and communicated that he will do it. then whole week passed, today I remember was his delivery day so I ask him status, he and quickly give me delivery order and satisfaction, Where I did not received neither my cv or anything at all. So how cane someone delivery without doing anything! for whole week he never contacted me.

So now just have icon to approve it, where I did not got any delivery or anything at all. So what is procedure for it. Did I lost my money on this order? not sure this is my first time here.

@kamalpanhwar You can click on “No” where you see the option to accept delivery. It would prompt you for reason. Just select “No Delivery/Fake Delivery” there (whatever option you see)

You can try to contact the seller again for more info on why there is no delivery.