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My buyer did not give review


my buyer did not give review although.i have done all the work even extra should I rise a dispute or wait for the buyer review


It is entirely up to a buyer if they decide to leave a review or not, and you cannot demand they leave a review. I would strongly advise against raising a dispute, as that will only upset the buyer and may cause them to leave you a very bad review, which you do not want. If they have not left a review after a couple of days, you might send them a brief, polite message requesting one, but that’s it.


then why not the money list on my account and add to pending amount?


Think you’d better read the terms of service:


The money will be added to your account when the order is completed. Orders are marked as complete automatically after three days if the buyer does not request a revision.


next question…
buyer need revision…it’s done (delivered)
how about my money?


If you’ve done the revision and you’ve delivered the work. Your money will be credited to you once the order is marked complete (an order is marked complete if the buyer marks the order as complete himself or it does so automatically after 3 days if the buyer doesn’t do anything). Do note the money will only reflect in your account after a 14 day clearing period (that means 14 days after the order is marked as complete). :slight_smile:


thank you :star2::grinning::grinning: