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My buyer did read my description before order

My buyer did read my description before order. He expect the result that it cost 15$ but he just order basic gig (5$)
I have deliver the basic gig but he keep asking me to do the 15$ gig
So what should I do?
I wont cancel it because I have finished what should I do

Send him the offer extras within the order, explaining, what a basic gig $5 and a $15 gig entails, and how what he’s asking for is in the $15 category, therefore for the completed work he needs to pay for the extra $10.

You should have canceled it at the very beginning before you did the work. If someone orders only a basic gig, but your gig says very clearly what they want costs more, you have to tell them before you start the work that what they want will cost more money.

If you just let someone pay for a basic gig, even though in their instructions they want all the extras, if you do not cancel or write back and decide to do it, that could be a problem for you.

Which gig is this for? Is it the first one on your profile? If so then your gig description os not clear and your gig photo is very misleading. YOu need to have a photo in your portfolio of what a plan basic gig looks like. It does not look like you have that.

Remember not all people understand art and shading or vector art, things like that.

contact the buyer, restate your gig offer at that price point, note that x, y and z need to be ordered (make an offer) for whatever it is they want beyond your basic. Say you’re open to questions, and you await their response. Do this every ~48 hours–adjust to your own taste–until deadline. If no response, deliver whatever they paid for.

Wait for “THIS IS A SCAM!” review. Contact Customer Support and point out that there’s no scam, hence this is misleading review. Get review removed. Resist temptation to send gloating message to idiot buyer.

In short, be professional, deliver what they paid for, not what they thought they did. If they get back to you to cancel ('I didn’t read this and/or can’t afford the extras"), cancel. If they order the extras, problem solved!

If they can’t even be bothered to write back, screw 'em. I call it idiot tax.