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My buyer didn't review my gig, how long do i have to wait for my payments?

Its been 3 days, he hasn’t reviewed my gig. There’s no status of my payments.

He doesn’t have to review your gigs. I’m not sure how long it takes for it to automatically close your order- I want to say maybe 5 days.

It takes about 17 days for your payment to be accessible anyway.

Takes three days for your gig to be marked as complete automatically. Although it will be around 3 days as opposed to down to the exact minute. Don’t worry, you will get the money!


I think 4 days is a closer estimate judging by my experience.

it’s been a week since I delivered a few orders, the buyers didn’t review them and the orders aren’t marked as complete yet… maybe it takes a week? don’t know…


did you deliver as complete. never submit final work without delivering as complete first and expect customer to answer back. customers sometimes take forever. sometimes they will come back trying to cancel or ask for revisions and it’s best that if you feel it was done to deliver it. after it was delivered if customer didn’t leave feedback it take 3 days to auto-complete.

It takes between 3-4 days to mark as complete. In Fiverr’s earlier days, gigs used to auto complete 3 days later, to the second.

But now, to seemingly reduce server load, gigs like this complete in batches. This is also the same with cash moving from upcoming to withdrawals (14-15 days)

So, you are looking at 17-19 days for cash to actually be ready to withdraw

I’m waiting for 5 days for an order to be marked as auto complete.

I have been worried about this as well, as I’ve done a few joint gigs, where I do one translation but over the course of several gigs and once I’ve sent it, I’ve sometimes had to remind the buyer to mark the other gigs completed also - I’m glad to know that even if this doesn’t happen I will get paid! I hate to be a bother and reminding buyers unnecessarily to go through several gigs to mark them (even if that means I might lose a review, which I also don’t want to do). Anyway, good to know!

Reply to @bachas85: let’s say a seller delivered the finished gig to the buyer with no problems at all,can the buyer review that gig and give the feedback the same day?

Thanks to all, hopefully I will wait and be patient.

Can any body tell me that for how long can a buyer can review if he had not, and the order was completed automatically? For how long he has the option of reviewing?

Reply to @marsch001:

Once you deliver the gig using “Deliver Now” it will automatically close three days after. The buyer does not have to do it. So no need to ask buyers to close their orders.

Hello, if you are Delivered Your Services and Buyer Not mark completed, Then its auto marked completed with in 3 days after delivery time.

After mark as Completed, Almost taken 14 to 15 Days for payment clearance. After Payment clearance you can withdrawal your fund easily.

Hope you will be understand. Thanks :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx:

I did not notice that. I will have to pay attention to the date before I respond to someone again.

I have Done an Urgent work for Buyer, but he forget to nudge the order ! So How can deliver him !


can you tell me ,
after auto completion,
the buyer is able to give a review for how many days?