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My Buyer Disappeared?


Hi everyone! I had a buyer place an order and I was ready to complete the order within a day but I just wanted clarification on something. I sent a few messages but I had no response.

I now clicked on my Buyer’s name and it appears this Buyer is no longer on Fiverr?

Why would my Buyer just disappear like that? Probably broke the terms of service or something right?

Should I now just complete this order? It is to publish a guest post on my mommy blog. I have everything I need, I was just requesting a bio.

I can publish it without the bio though so it is not a biggie.



I’d say since they already paid, just go ahead and complete the order to the best of your ability. That way if they ever come back, you are covered in that you did the order with what you were provided with.

It also might be a bug since they did the maintenance on the site… hopefully my profile doesn’t suddenly disappear lol


Thanks for the feedback. I’m not sure it was the update… I have been waiting 3 days for a response. I only checked his profile now so I cant say if his profile disappeared before or after the update.

Ok I will complete as best I can and not worry. Thanks for the confirmation.


Please contact Customer Support before any completion of delivery for a more accurate course of action.


I think you should go ahead and deliver the order since buyer already paid. Even if he was locked out, I am sure he is somewhere looking at your Blog for the post.


Thanks, I already completed the order!


This has happened to me two times, where the buyer literally stops responding forever after the first message. The accounts aren’t gone, but it seems they never came back. One guy has been gone for a month, the other three weeks.

Anyone else ever had this happen? The buyer didn’t make an order, but just packed up and quit. Both times were after I asked a clarifying question.


Nope I haven’t had that happen, my buyer literally disappeared, right off of Fiverr!

I hope you come right with those missing buyers, that is strange that they would not respond again.


It feels a little like they only wanted the job done, and then they found someone better. They should have still messaged me back though. It really depresses me.


Don’t let something like that get you down, stay motivated. I’m sure it feels awful but letting it get to you will just make you feel worse.

I have found that there are a lot more enquiries than orders and this is just the way that it goes.


Thinking about it always upsets me honestly.


Yes I’m sure. But focusing on that will just lead to obsessing and negativity, for me personally it would anyway. I like to keep myself focused on moving forward.


It happens sometimes. You ask a clarifying question, they realize they have no idea how to answer it, or change their mind, or book a gig with someone else, or…

Many buyers contact several sellers at once, choose one, and don’t have the time (or the energy, or can’t be bothered) to inform all the others that they’ve chosen someone else.