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My buyer experience

Am a little bit perplexed in certain ways. Like why would a buyer promise a job, then all of a sudden backs down and reply with an annoying message. I quote" I am very sorry, but the offer no longer stands thank you". I am not rude, but with this type of statement I get pissed most times. It happens almost all the time

Am wondering do you guys have any advice or suggestions for me?


That’s life and it happens.
Either buyer was expecting faster response, or they already placed an order with a different seller, or they placed an offer with a different seller.

Usually when people writing that it means that they already found someone to do that job for them. Simple as that and you should just move on after that.

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Hi there @dikeseth, how are you doing? I see you had bad experiences with your clients backing down? I’m sorry to hear about that. However, here’s the thing. If you yourself were searching for a Gig here on Fiverr that you desperately needed, wouldn’t you search for different sellers to see what job they can deliver? I certainly would. Myself, for example, have been searching for someone who can Edit my videos. I found a few that I knew could do the job well. I send them a message about my interest to work with them, shared a few words, etc, and at the end, it left me with only one! To the rest, I had to send a message, ''Sorry but I’ve found someone else and thank for wasting your time." This is nothing unusual and it happens! Don’t get encouraged just because of someone backs down an offer.

See it on the bright side. Out of thousands of similar gigs, they found yours, so your Gigs must have made a good impression. Keep it up and good luck!! Kindly Humberto

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Hello, it might be that you messaged him too late after he got someone else to do the job. It’s not usual for buyers to shop around to several sellers, so that they hire whoever fits the need the best.


I think the replies above pretty much covers everything, but here’s what I do when I get
messages like that.

I just go “Fine, it’s your loss, hahaha” and move on.
Pardon for sounding like a snob…

Trust me, as long as you are offering good stuff, another person will always contact you :smiley: