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My buyer gives misleading testimonial

I meet my buyer on discord.
And i tell him to hire me with fiverr.
In the end his testimonial make some misleading.
like i contact him outside fiverr

And this so misleading.
Am i break tos rule?

I not comfortable knowing i already get 2 times warning.


Well, that feedback does indeed sound very much as if you either asked or agreed to chat with the buyer “to chat on Discord to make it smoother”. If you did that, you broke the ToS, yes. If you didn’t, and the buyer just worded it in a mistakeable way, no, you didn’t.

So, if you give Fiverr any reason to check your feedbacks, especially if you already got 2 warnings, that might mean trouble, but you should be able to prove with your Fiverr (and discord unless that was voice chat) chat. If you had told him on Fiverr to chat with you on Discord, that would be in your Fiverr chat, after all.

In any case, I guess the best thing to do is to study ToS carefully (if you already got 2 warnings despite having done that, maybe you didn’t read or understand them well enough?) and make sure to not do anything that even remotely could be seen as a ToS violation in future.


Check this out: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.

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When i need tell the support team?
Should i told asap?
Or need i wait until get warning?

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The situation is we know each other from discord server first.
And he admit make misleading testimonial.

I don’t know, you have to decide that for yourself. If you didn’t do anything wrong, there’s not really a reason to tell them anything, but if you’re worried and want to contact them about the misleading testimonial and are confident that you can prove that you didn’t do anything wrong, to clear that up preemptively and you think that’s a good idea, go ahead. Nobody here can decide that for you.

If you know him from discord, talked to him on discord, and asked him to order from you on Fiverr, that’s fine. If you told him to talk to you about the Fiverr order on discord after he ordered from you on Fiverr, that might be a problem, since typically, unless your profile or gig is approved for anything else, any communication regarding an order has to happen on Fiverr.

Talking about feedback with buyers, as you must have done, else he wouldn’t have admitted to having made a misleading testimonial, in and of itself is problematic, since sellers aren’t supposed to discuss reviews with buyers, there are many forum posts that warn against doing so.

If support looks into this, you can hopefully prove your statements; if your Fiverr chat doesn’t show that you told the buyer to talk about things in discord, after they had ordered, it might be fine, that would support the claim that the buyer’s feedback just was unfortunately worded, however, discussing reviews with buyers itself can also lead to warnings, so be careful with what you do.

The only thing I can tell you with certainty is that if you didn’t communicate about the order on discord with your buyer after he placed the order on Fiverr, then, no, you didn’t break ToS in that point.
Fiverr does want sellers to bring in new customers from elsewhere, after all, just, once you do so, you should stick to Fiverr rules, to avoid such issues.

Let’s say I have a friend I use to chat to on Discord, and they happen to need something I offer on Fiverr. I’ll ask them to order my gig there, no problem. From that point on, in regards to that order, I’ll only talk to them on Fiverr to avoid any ToS conflicts. Of course, I’d still chat with them about Final Fantasy 14 or whatever on Discord, as before, but anything to do with the order they made on Fiverr has to happen on Fiverr. I’d probably also tell them that before giving them the link to order, to make sure that’s clear and I won’t run into trouble later.

Your situation there, with already two prior warnings, is a bit complex, nobody can tell you how it would go, depends on what you can prove/what Fiverr would find when looking at your chat logs, and probably also on the person handling it and your prior warnings; if they were for the same or a similar issue, that’s probably worse than if they were for unrelated things.

I know i am in difficult situation.
i try avoid the problem

the reason i invite him to fiverr because it more flexible solution.
from what i know fiverr always on buyer side and never seller side.

i already work on fiverr from long time, and always try avoid break any TOS rule.
even that happen that is i not intend.

IDK i really feel unlucky today, and i think i need say good bye.

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No need to say good bye. Nothing might happen.

But you should consider how you’re doing business.
In your case, you had 2 options:

  1. Tell the person to order via Fiverr, tell them also that anything regarding that order will have to be handled, talked about on Fiverr, and stick to that, no talking about that order on Discord or wherever else, just on Fiverr > probably no issues, at least not you breaking ToS
  2. Don’t do the order via Fiverr, do it via your own website (you should have one if you have a business, there are very cheap options to have at least a one-page website), via PayPal, or direct payment to your bank account or whatever option you have, you don’t have to bring customers you convert elsewhere to Fiverr > maybe an issue with that customer, but no issues with Fiverr

Good luck in any case; if you can find people on Discord who’d order from you, that’s a very good thing and means that you can probably also build up a business parallel to Fiver, and also focus on that in case you’ll lose your Fiverr account.

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I hope that is okay,
instead i too parnanoid or i too dramatic.
i already cant imagine how if i got kicked.
i already long on fiverr. since 2010 when fiverr only accept $5/

I already try tell fiverr, what happen before i forget anything, and i got banned that will problem
i will question myself why i got banned.

i always use fiverr just because i think it easier, some ppl afraid do deposit.
never imagine this will happen.

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Yes, definitely, I also love Fiverr because it’s so easy, convenient. But it’s really important to avoid any “situations” where possible.

Since 2010 is a long time, I’m “only” here since 2016, and even that feels like a long time sometimes. I hope everything will be fine for you :slight_smile:

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That really long time.
Idk how handle the situation.
I hope everything is fine.
I really powerless and very tired.

Wish me luck.
And i will say good bye earlier before i dont have time to do that.

Glad can talk to you.

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Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

I say good bye to all loyal customer.
I dont know this will dramatic.