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My buyer has not respond to my order yet?

Well I got my first order, She wants me to remove any vocals on her song within 24 hours
its a orchestra song. I removed it for her and delivered it to her. But I’m confused if are you going to pay first before buying?. And she has not responded for 4 days already on my delivery.
And i’m concern if shes a bogus buyer. and Do Fiverr make people pay first before they will get the delivery?


Did you deliver through “Inbox”?

Sounds like she didn’t order and you delivered through inbox. You will get notification if someone purchases your gig and you submit the work through order page’s “Deliver” button.

You just worked for free. If you have delivered through order page then by now your delivery would have marked as completed automatically.

Never work or deliver work through inbox unless someone purchase first!

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Congratz @toshi777, that’s good news, WOW! However you might have done FREE work. Always let your customers pay first before placing an ORDER, that’s rule number 1. I hope you have done that???

regards, Humberto

That’s the Delivery I sent her, And I sent it to her in a “Deliver” button.

Then your buyer is probably offline. It will get marked as completed in 3 days (72 hours) automatically by default. Don’t need to panic. Some buyers place an order then disappears for several days. It’s quite common.


In that case, yes, the customer always has to pay the money first before placing the order. It temporarily get’s held in escrow by Fiverr until the order is complete. You will get the money added to your Fiverr balance 14 days after the order gets marked as complete (either automatically in 3 days or by the buyer).

Even if the buyer doesn’t come online, your order will automatically get marked as complete 3 days after delivering the order. So, there’s no real need for the buyer to even come online for you to earn the order money.


Just a add on.

Yes, sometimes the buyer does not respond nor leave a trace of wether they liked the work or not just to disappear to never be heard from again.