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My buyer hasn't been online for more 30 hours

Is it normal when your buyer who’s supposed to send a file concerning your job done not come online hours towards the end of the time delivered?
I don’t even know what to do right now

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In my experience, this is not normal, but it does happen. That is why it is necessary to get ALL the information before the order is officially placed (in the requirements, etc). As far as I am aware, they have no obligation to stay in contact with you after the order is placed. Of course, it only makes sense to keep in contact with the service that they paid for, but it isn’t obligatory.

When you created your Gig, did you require that the buyer ALWAYS provide the requirements for the job they want you to do? If not, you may want to edit your Gigs to include that. If the buyer has not provided the required information you need when you have this in your Gig - the timer does not start - it won’t start until they provide what you need.

And, yes, it is not abnormal for people to order something and then disappear for hours if not days here!


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